Peanut Butter

I started making my own peanut butter because there were limited options for natural peanut butter at the grocery store, and I realized it would be cheaper.  Other benefits are that you don’t have to stir the peanut butter and it is tastier.

I avoid “fake” peanut butter at all costs (the unnatural kinds at the grocery store that are full of hydrogenated oils so you don’t have to stir them, JIF) these are full of sugar and all sorts of non-peanut ingredients that do who knows what to you body (no one knows because there are no long-term studies on the effects of the build up of food additives).  I also avoid “natural” peanut butter that you don’t have to stir, they had to add something to keep it from separating.

Look for raw bulk peanuts at a grocery store near you, I get mine from Natural Grocers for something like $1.76 a pound.  You can also buy unsalted roasted peanuts, and skip the roasting step.  I once bought shelled peanuts and it was not worth it, to shell all those peanuts took forever I think an entire day.

I don’t understand why most peanut butter recipes call for additional peanut oil, if you process long enough you don’t need it.

What you need:

A food processor

at least a lb of raw peanuts (makes a normal sized jar of PB)

Listen to this while you work:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

Spread the peanuts out on baking sheets (try to keep them in a single layer)

Roast the peanuts for 15 min, shaking the pans and mixing the peanuts around every 5 min. until the peanuts are golden brown.

Be careful not to over cook, just a few burnt peanuts will alter the peanut butter to have a smoky taste (which can be tasty, but too much burntness causes bitterness).

Let the peanuts cool.

Then put in the big bowl of a food processor.

Pulse a few times until you have small bits of peanuts.  Remove about a 1/4 cup of peanuts now if you want chunky peanut butter.

Continue to process until the peanuts are almost a liquid consistency (about 5 min) it will sound like liquid as well.  Stir in peanut bits for chunky.

Put into a jar, and put in the fridge.

You can make all sorts of nut butters this way, just make sure to roast them, keeping an eye on the nuts so you don’t burn em.  My favorite is nut butter is cashew butter.  I always make a batch of this as well, and sometimes mix it with the peanut butter in recipes.

Coming soon…

I will be experimenting with processing almonds to make almond flour.

A higher protein lower carb and gluten free alternative to flour.


About PeanutButterProblem

love cooking, eating, and talking about food. I am a Sports Nutrition graduate student at University of Colorado Colorado Springs. I have a Food Science degree from Clemson University, where I specialized in Dietetics. I am fascinated by the effects of food on our bodies. I make almost everything I eat from scratch, its cheaper, tastier, and healthier. I also try to eat sustainably. I am a vegetarian, because I do not want to eat meat that is chock-full of hormones and pesticides. I have come up with some interesting cooking creations and I created this blog to share them with everyone.
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9 Responses to Peanut Butter

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  3. Mekkie says:

    I think the additional oil/fat is for those who choose to use raw nuts instead of roasted ones. If you’re going to make almond flour, I would recommend using blanched almonds and watching carefully to make sure you don’t over process (it’s like burning nuts…you look away for a second and you’ve gone too far). Almond flour is addictive though, so be careful! 😀

  4. tag alder says:

    what kind of jar do you use?
    what section of the grocery are the peanuts in?
    is the oil that you use peanut oil?

  5. paul says:


  6. paul says:

    aww my last one didnt work… time for another!

  7. Ahaha I started watchn a CareBears movie the other day, used to love those bears. I’ll have to post a peanut butter balls recipe.
    If you use raw nuts you definitely have to add oil, however most recipes I read that call for roasted peanuts still call for oil too, for some reason. I definitely recommend roasting the nuts anyways its much tastier.
    I use recycled salsa jars or any sort of glass jar. comes in plastic twist top jars, the gelato is amazing and the jars are super useful.
    I go to the bulk section of the grocery store to get peanuts, I use raw unsalted spanish peanuts because there the cheapest.

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